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Shiff & Company Lawyers Melbourne

Intellectual Property

Shiff & Company have a long established reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading boutique IP practices. Our IP practice is used by most of our business clients and is highly regarded for its experience and cost effective services and strategies.

Amongst the intellectual property services offered are:

  • Protection, security and enforcement procedures for copyright, trademarks, passing off, confidential information/trade secrets and patents
  • Trade mark search reports, registration, objections and dispute resolution
  • Format rights licensing for television and film including franchising, sponsorship and character merchandising
  • Acquisition, licensing and technology commercialisation
  • Research and development, taxation incentives and financial grants
  • Fashion and design protection
  • Regulatory compliance including trade practices, telecommunications, consumer protection and product liability legislation
  • Audits and due diligence of intellectual property assets

Contact: Julia Adams, David Jackson